Billy Martin, Jennifer Lopez, ...

(Enough: Van Redin)



Genre: Mystery and Thriller, Drama; Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Tessa Allen, Billy Campbell, Dan Futterman, Juliette Lewis, Noah Wyle; Director: Michael Apted; Author: Nicholas Kazan; Release Date Wide: 05/24/2002; Runtime (in minutes): 111; MPAA Rating: PG-13; Distributor: Columbia Pictures

In Enough, Jennifer Lopez’s waitress, Slim, and Billy Campbell’s smoothy rich guy, Mitch, meet cute, marry, have a kid, and – faster than you can say ”Sleeping With the Enemy” – she’s on the run from her suddenly psycho, wife-beating, cheating mate. The arduously nonsensical plot has the desperate Slim (ignoring any obvious legal recourse) transforming herself into a go-girl ninja to wreak vengeance on the cartoonishly cold Mitch. All this to protect a helium-voiced little girl (Tessa Allen) with whom Lopez has so little chemistry, it’s as if she’s handling garbage rather than a small child.

Originally posted October 11 2002 — 12:00 AM EDT

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