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EW Recommends


BARBERSHOP Ice Cube (MGM, PG-13) A cutting crew raps B+ about life in Tim Story’s controversial comedy.

BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE COMPLETE TRILOGY Michael J. Fox A- (Universal, PG, DVD) A blast from the past with new commentaries and scenes.

THE COMPLETE MONTEREY POP FESTIVAL (Criterion, unrated, B+ DVD) Finally, you can experience, or relive, one of history’s most infamous concerts.


ABOUT A BOY (Universal, PG-13) Hugh Grant as you’ve never seen him – grown up and with a new haircut to boot!

BLUE CRUSH (Universal, PG-13) A coming-of-age story about three beautiful bikini-clad surfers. Surprisingly, not a chick flick.

FEARDOTCOM (Warner, R) Detective Stephen Dorff investigates a killer website – giving a whole new meaning to hits.

UNDERCOVER BROTHER (Universal, PG-13) An Afro-jivin’ Austin Powers type (Eddie Griffin) tackles evil renegade Mr. Feather. What does he do, tickle him to death?

WISEGIRLS (Lions Gate, R) Not-so-fresh from her starring role in Glitter, Mariah Carey joins Mira Sorvino in a straight-to-cable Mob thriller.