How realistic is ''Narc'''s fatal shotgun pipe? |


How realistic is ''Narc'''s fatal shotgun pipe?

Q In Narc, a junkie in a tub uses a shotgun as a pipe – with fatal results. Were the filmmakers high?

A Perhaps. ”[It’s] pretty implausible,” says High Times senior editor Steven Wishnia, noting that you’d need the sucking power of a Hoover to inhale. Plus, keeping the piece dry would be hard. ”We took dramatic license,” says writer-director Joe Carnahan, adding that the scene was inspired by an urban legend. ”But if you took marijuana, put it there, closed it, and lit it, smoke’s gonna travel out of the barrel.” Ray Liotta took Carnahan’s word for it: ”I wasn’t about to do research on that one.” – Clarissa Cruz and Adam Duerson (Send queries to