Is ''24'''s nuke protocol fact or fiction? |


Is ''24'''s nuke protocol fact or fiction?

Is ''24'''s nuke protocol fact or fiction? We find out why President Palmer's dash to a nearby bunker is all bunk

24, Dennis Haysbert

(24: Ray McShaw)

Q In ”24,” Dennis Haysbert’s President Palmer is fishing in Oregon when he hears of a nuclear threat in L.A. and drives to meet his staff at a nearby bunker. Is that protocol?

A Perhaps Fox is invoking network executive privilege. If there were a nuclear threat when the President was outside Washington, D.C., ”he would be on Air Force One immediately,” says Chase Brandon, the CIA’s film-industry liaison. (The Prez might not head to the White House, since it could be a target.) Brandon adds that once the chief exec has arrived at a secure location, it is ”totally plausible” to fly some cabinet members out to join him. Fox had no comment.