7.5 things you should know about the ''X-Men'' sequel

7.5 things you should know about the ''X-Men'' sequel -- EW tells you what to expect from ''X2'''s plot, characters, and action scenes

Hugh Jackman, X2: X-Men United

(X-Men 2: Kerry Hayes)

Something old, something new, something bladed, something blue: Look for all of these and more in ”X2,” the latest installment of director Bryan Singer’s comic-book saga of social oppression, minority pride, and battle-applicable birth defects (opening May 2). And things have gotten considerably darker: ”It’s kind of a trial by fire for Mutant High,” says Singer. ”Literally, in certain scenes.” Below, what every good citizen – mutant or norm – should know about the impending fray. Consider this your spoiler alert and warning: Even as you read these words, Fox executives are looking at an initial print of the film – thus, everything you read could undergo serious mutations before the premiere.

Originally posted January 24 2003 — 12:00 AM EST

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