Meet the cast of ''Survivor: The Amazon'' |


Meet the cast of ''Survivor: The Amazon''

Meet the cast of ''Survivor: The Amazon.'' CBS shakes things up with 16 new competitors and a major rule change: boys versus girls

Survivor: The Amazon

(Survivor Amazon: Monty Brinton/CBS)

It’s a battle of the sexes, Brazil-style. This season, ”Survivor” executive producer Mark Burnett has split up the competitors along gender lines. So, starting Thursday, Feb. 13 (CBS, 8 p.m.), eight men (in the Tambaqui tribe) and eight women (in the Jaburu tribe) will make like fifth graders at a Valentine’s Day dance and stick to their own side of the jungle.

The new crew of potential millionaires is as varied as ever (a D.A., a rocket scientist, and a beauty queen). Will the men overpower with brute strength, or will the ”Amazon” women rise up? We have no idea, but we CAN say who’s likely to wet his pants and who’ll look the best in a swimsuit. Here’s the lowdown…