CAD Rick Marin (Hyperion, $23.95, on sale Feb. 14) Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Marin presents a heartfelt examination of, well, what selfish bastards men can be to women. The Newsweek writer loved and left ‘em by the bucket during the ’90s, and now he’s servicing the ladies once again by squealing on himself.

YANNI IN WORDS Yanni with David Rensin (Miramax, $24.95, on sale Feb. 12) Did you know that Yanni broke the Greek national record in 50-meter freestyle swimming at age 14? Take that, John Tesh!

WHAT I LOVED Siri Hustvedt (Holt, $25, on sale March 6) Chronicling a longtime friendship that begins in 1975, Hustvedt’s novel is ”the epic story of two families, two sons, and two marriages.” Sounds like two books in one.

Originally posted February 7 2003 — 12:00 AM EST

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