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Chris Rock, Head of State

(Head of State: Philip Caruso)

”When I suck,” says Chris Rock about last year’s widely panned action comedy ”Bad Company,” ”booooy!” Determined this time out to make a movie that better showcased his comedy, Rock wrote, starred, and directed (”If you can manage a supermarket, you could probably direct”) a satire in which he plays a D.C. alderman drafted into running for President. Bernie Mac joins the campaign as Rock’s big brother and running mate. ”I think me and Bernie Mac are going to be funnier than me and Anthony Hopkins,” Rock says, laughing. ”I think it’s safe to say there’s going to be a few more laughs in this one.” Tamala Jones (”The Brothers”), who plays Rock’s love interest, agrees: ”This duo here is going to surprise a lot of people. Their chemistry is unreal.” The fledgling director remains undaunted by word of a Chris Tucker project also about a black President. ”We’re coming out first, so it’s more on him,” he says. ”And, hey, they did two asteroid movies! They did two or three volcano movies! I’m sure we can handle another black-President movie.” (March 28)