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Kevin Spacey, The Life of David Gale

(The Life of David Gale: David Appleby)

Kevin Spacey follows up his ”is he or isn’t he an alien” drama, ”K-PAX,” with an ”is he or isn’t he a murderer” thriller, playing an anti-capital punishment crusader who ends up on death row. Kate Winslet is the journalist who becomes determined to free him. ”I think the nature of [the script], its political heart, [made it] not something people readily make,” director Alan Parker says, adding that it was ”a real page-turner.” Spacey too was less intrigued by the script’s issues than by the pacing: ”I have no dog in this fight about the death penalty,” he says. ”It’s not about a pro-con issue. It’s a great part in a great thriller.” Although Parker was aiming for an Oscar-qualifying run in December, the film was bumped to spring when the holiday market was deemed too crowded. ”Commercially it [made] sense,” he says of the delay. ”As a filmmaker, you say, ‘It would have been nice if it came out earlier, but you can’t knock [the studio] for their enthusiasm.”’ We’re just enthusiastic about Spacey’s assurance that, unlike ”K-PAX,” ”at the end you’ll find out everything.” (Feb. 21)