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Bruce Willis, Tears of the Sun

(Tears of the Sun: Frank Masi)

Antoine Fuqua, your movie ”Training Day” has just won Denzel Washington an Oscar. How are you going to celebrate? A day later, the director started shooting his next film, about a team of Navy SEALs (led by Bruce Willis) dropped into the Nigerian jungle on a search-and-rescue mission. A cocksure Fuqua must have strutted onto the Hawaiian set. ”Nah, I was scared to death,” he says. ”I wanted to keep up the quality of work!” And just as ”Training Day” wasn’t a simple shoot-‘em-up, costar Monica Bellucci, who plays a stranded doctor, promises ”Tears of the Sun” is more than a brash military movie: ”It’s not an action flick where people are just killing each other. It’s a drama about Africa, and not many people know what’s going on over there.” Fuqua had hoped to shoot the entire film on location, but the ”temperature of the world” kept him Stateside. He did insist on casting Africans. ”We brought in the lost boys of Sudan,” he says. ”We had people from Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Zaire. I mean, some of them had never been on an escalator or an elevator. A movie was like being on a f—ing other planet.” (March 7)