Here are the latest Jacko revelations |


Here are the latest Jacko revelations

Here are the latest Jacko revelations. Monday's ''Dateline'' special will talk to the former partner of Jackson's plastic surgeon and to the detective who investigated the child-abuse allegations 10 years ago

In case you’re not suffering from Michael Jackson overload, NBC claims there are still some things about the King of Pop you don’t know. Unlike last week’s British-made ABC special ”Living With Michael Jackson,” NBC’s ”Dateline” hour devoted to the singer will interview outside experts, including some of his friends, his plastic surgeon’s former partner, and the detective who investigated the child-molestation allegations against Jackson a decade ago. Called ”Michael Jackson Unmasked,” the hour-long show airs Feb. 17, between this weekend’s rebroadcasts of ”Living” on VH1 and Jackson’s own rebuttal to ”Living” airing on Fox on Feb. 20.

NBC says that ”Unmasked” contains an interview with Dr. Wallace Goodstein, a former partner of Jackson’s Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, who says he believes Jackson has had more than 50 operations on his face. (In ”Living,” Jackson insisted he had had only two, on his nose, to help him hit the high notes.) The show also interviews retired Los Angeles Police detective Bill Dworin, who reveals what he found during the 1993 investigation. Though criminal charges were never brought and Jackson denied wrongdoing (a civil suit was settled out of court when Jackson paid his accuser’s family a multimillion-dollar sum), NBC says Dworin will explain why he believes Jackson still may pose a threat to his young sleepover guests.

Sources favorable to Jackson will also speak: his psychic friend Uri Geller and pal Donald Trump. ”Dateline” executive producer David Corvo tells the New York Post, ”We’re not going to be judgmental – just reportorial.” Sure you will.