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Why Renee, Nicole, and others earned Oscar nods

Interviews and behind-the-scenes buzz about the contenders for a top award on March 23

Renee Zellweger

(Renee Zellweger: Mark Abrahams/Management Artists)

Stop right there. It’s time to take a break from running around to see all the Oscar-nominated movies before the March 23 ceremony – and get some perspective with our annual guide to five films and their directors (and 20 performers in lead and supporting roles) that Oscar has called to the red carpet.

Here’s where you’ll find out what the stars told us about their movies, and learn behind-the-scenes details, such as:

  • What made Julianne Moore hell on wheels on the set of ”Far From Heaven”
  • Which Oscar-winning film ”Pianist” director Roman Polanski turned down
  • Which prosthetic helped Chris Cooper, uh, sink his teeth into the role of ”Adaptation”’s passionate orchid hunter. (Hint: It wasn’t a nose; that was Best Actress nominee Nicole Kidman in ”The Hours.”)
  • And, oh, when you’ve got all the info, you can go back to seeing the movies.