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EW puts in bootee calls with reality-show rejects

EW puts in bootee calls with reality-show rejects. We catch up with ''American Idol'''s Kimberly Caldwell and J.D. Adams, plus ''The Bachelorette'''s Russell Woods

Kimberly Caldwell, American Idol

KIMBERLY CALDWELL (Booted from ”American Idol” on Feb. 5)

FUN FACT She’s a five-time ”Star Search” junior-vocalist champ.

Q You were clearly the shoo-in in round 1. What happened?
A I don’t know, but it was a wonderful experience, and I knew I’d be just as excited for them as if I’d made it. I’m just so proud of Julia and Charles.

Q You can’t actually believe what you’re saying.
A I know that I feel good about my performance. Hopefully, it’s not over for me. I’ve already thought of songs that would be possibilities if I get invited back [for the wild-card show]. I want to shock everybody.

Q Speaking of shocking, what was up with Simon telling reporters that you need to shed some weight?
A It’s total constructive criticism. I do need to tone up a little and lose a few pounds. If that’s the worst thing he has to say about me, that’s fine.

Q You’re not at all appalled by what he said?
A Well, that’s just Simon. He’s very, um…bold.