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Wack Daddy?

Is Michael Jackson crazy? Certainly, his Feb. 6 appearance on ABC’s 20/20 – dangling babies and eating Sno-Kones – may have convinced 27 million U.S. viewers that Jackson had finally moved from Bad to Dangerous. But for those who watched closely enough, Jackson came off as a typically concerned parent and businessman. Consider the evidence. – Brian M. Raftery

– Wears a seat belt while driving go-cart around his 3,000-acre Neverland ranch.

– Doesn’t hold on to his umbrella while climbing the giving tree.

– Keeps life-size Captain Hook and Peter Pan reproductions fastened securely to the wall.

– Negotiates for a discount before purchasing Egyptian coffins, urn sets, or paintings of the bathing of Apollo.

– Travels only with mannequins of a nonthreatening nature (a police officer, French waiter, etc.).

– Patronizes hospitals with liberal placenta-removal policies.

– By his own admission, is no longer walking around carrying baby dolls as if they were real children.

– Teaches kids that recent Star Wars installments are ”boring and slow.”