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April 04, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

EW.com readers defend Kim L. and dis Ruben

After the scandal-icious week ”American Idol” had (did you see Trenyce and Corey’s mug shots? Yikes!), perhaps the show’s producers wanted to take some pressure off the kids by forgoing the weekly elimination. Or, uh, maybe they were just scrambling for a way to stretch the show after Mr. Clark’s ouster…. No matter: To most EW.com readers, the shock of seeing who made the bottom three made up for the fact that it took an hour to do, well, nothing:

So, the same moronic hoi polloi who gave you Avril Lavigne and ”Jackass” almost had Kim Locke voted off last night! Unbelievable! As soon as her CD comes out I’m going to take it and become a recluse in a cabin somewhere away from a society that I no longer understand, nor want to.

I still can’t believe that kim locke and trenyce were in the bottom 3 last night!! For the love of God, how did THAT happen???… If we don’t vote kimberley and trenyce through we will have no one but ourselves to blame when we are forced to listen to the painful ear-melting musical attempts of carmen and josh!… Admirable as his service to all of us…maybe we should see about sending josh over there and have him mangle ”Celebration” as part of psy-ops against the enemy!

But back to Corey and Trenyce. Readers also debated whether the contestants’ pasts should be held against them, especially when megastars like Eminem and Whitney Houston have had brushes with the law:

I do agree that the contestants should let the producers know if there is something hanging over their heads from their past. To be perfectly fair there are some stars now with mugshots. I’m not saying that it is right but American Idols are human and humans make mistakes. Sometimes a little controversy helps their career. I will never understand why it does but it does. Perfect example—–Vanessa Williams.

In my opinion, there are a lot of factors that go into an american idol, and singing is just one on them. Trenyce, or whatever her name is, lost some of her american idol marketability when I saw her mug shots. She can sing, but she just wont be my pick for american idol.

Carmen’s performance of ”Turn the Beat Around” earned her a few new fans. Perhaps the blonde baby of the competition is taking a little momentum away from Ruben and Clay, who didn’t exactly shake their groove thangs for Tuesday’s disco theme:

I totally agree that Clay and Ruben lack versatility and are becoming sort of apathetic. I seriously think that Ruben could walk out on stage, woof 3 times like a cute little doggie, and millions of votes would be cast for him later that night.

I am a BIG Clay fan, hands down, but I have to say…he just kind of stood in the warmth of his fans light, sang and did nothing more…. IF he wants to win this, he NEEDS TO LOOSEN UP and start feeling his music!!!

Ruben will sell. The trend is good, but couldn’t he at least spice the 205 up a little?? A little bit of sequins around the 205 for disco night? A suit with a 205 tie??? Something???

Of course, Clay still has his adoring cheerleaders — uh, sort of:

Why does everyone hate Clay this much!?!?! He’s amazing. It’s not his fault he looks like a baby Richard Simmons.

What do you think of this week’s voting results?

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