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Dawson's Creek

(Dawson's Creek: Guy D'Alema)

The first year of Dawson’s Creek, Kevin Williamson’s groundbreaking teen drama, now seems positively tame. But at the time, the sexual density of ”Creek”’s story lines – a love triangle between Dawson (James Van Der Beek), Joey (Katie Holmes), and Jen (Michelle Williams), as well as the love affair between Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and his teacher – incited controversy. Viewers may have since OD’d on the many Dawson-Joey-Pacey entanglements – hence the cancellation – so it’s refreshing to see the three when they were innocent, albeit confused, friends.

Extras include commentaries that reveal how 400 to 500 people (including a pre-Pacey Jackson) read for the part of Dawson before they settled on the lunk with the humongous head.