Gary Susman
April 15, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”X2” isn’t due in theaters for another couple of weeks, but producer Lauren Shuler Donner already is thinking about the next ”X-Men” movie, which she says would be a spinoff centering on Wolverine, the mutant superhero with the retractable claws and the mysterious past. ”I can definitely see that happening, yes,” she tells ”When I first read about the characters, I thought that Wolverine was the most amazing character. He’s a tragic hero.”

The producer is tight-lipped about a possible plot, though she hints that mutant supervillain Magneto (played in the first two films by Ian McKellen) could be involved. In fact, she hasn’t even asked Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman or ”X-Men” and ”X2” director Bryan Singer if they’re interested yet. (Neither has officially signed on for a third movie.) But producer Ralph Winter says he wants Singer to be involved. ”Bryan has a great insight into what makes the series such a popular piece of pop culture,” Winter tells Zap2It. ”He makes these characters seem real, like they live next door.” For his part, Jackman says he’d be delighted to return. ”I’d do it if there is such a project,” he says of the spinoff. ”I love this character so much. It’s a gift.”

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