Urban Cowboy

Starring: Matt Cavenaugh, Jenn Colella; Director: Lonny Price; Opening Date: 03/27/2003

This exuberant piece of cowboy kitsch turns the popular, socially observant 1980 film into a cartoon celebration of dumbness and Texas-style machismo. Buff-but-bland lead actor Matt Cavenaugh is no John Travolta, though costar Jenn Colella has a big voice and a touch of Reba. Still, their love story lacks thrust, the humor is sub-sitcom, and the high-kicking Gilley’s dance numbers are interchangeable. Plus, this production must set a record for onstage butt grabbing. In other words, this ain’t no high-class Broadway show. Even the flimsy sets seem calibrated to take on the road.

Originally posted April 18 2003 — 12:00 AM EDT

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