Gary Susman
April 21, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

When the Academy Awards show moves a month forward next year to late February, it won’t just be rival movie awards shows that race to get out of its way. The music awards shows are moving too, apparently fearful that TV viewers will suffer from trophy overload if too many galas are crammed between New Year’s and Leap Year Day. Billboard reports that the Grammys have moved from late February to early in the month, and the American Music Awards are moving from mid-January to mid-November.

Next year’s Oscars will be held Feb. 29 (this year’s were March 23). The Grammys took place Feb. 23 this year, but in 2004, they’ll move to Feb. 8, which will still keep them in the February ratings sweeps month. Grammy rival the AMAs will move to January (they were held on the 13th this year) to November 16. ”ABC has wanted the AMAs to move back to November so the show could air during sweeps, but the problem was always ‘Monday Night Football,”’ a source close to the show tells Billboard. ”And there was no way the show could air during the February sweeps period because of the Grammys.”

The Academy announced the Oscar ceremony move shortly after the 2002 show, saying it wanted to cut down on the lengthy and bitter campaign process, as well as move into February sweeps and avoid having its thunder stolen by other film awards shows. Since then, the Screen Actors Guild Awards have announced they’re moving from March 9 this year to Feb. 22 next year, and Britain’s BAFTAs are moving from Feb. 23 to Feb. 8. Only the Golden Globes, which took place on Jan. 19 this year, have not yet announced a move, even though, if they take place on the same weekend next year, they may occur too late to influence the Academy Award nominations, which are likely to be moved up from mid-February to early January.

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