Sigourney Weaver: Lucy Nicholson/Getty Images
Gary Susman
April 23, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Is Sigourney Weaver suiting up to fight aliens again? Promoting her new family film hit ”Holes,” the actress told the Chicago Sun-Times this week that she’s been chatting with the ”Alien” franchise’s original director about playing Ripley again for the first time since 1997’s ”Alien Resurrection.” ”Ridley Scott and I have talked about it a couple of times,” she said. ”He has some ideas. If we developed a good script, I’d love to play Ripley again. I’ve always felt so grateful to Ridley Scott because he gave me my first job. In fact, the first few weeks of “Alien,’ I was so green that Ridley would say, ‘Don’t look at the camera.’ And I’d say, ‘How can I not look at it. It’s right in front of my face all the time!”’

Twentieth Century Fox, which owns the rights to the ”Alien” and ”Predator” franchises, announced last summer it would bring them together for ”Alien vs. Predator,” an adventure that would not involve Weaver’s Ripley. (”Resident Evil”’s Paul Anderson was hired to write and direct.) But if she and Scott make another installment, she has some ideas about what she doesn’t want to do. ”The only thing I’m not interested in is going to Earth,” she said. ”I saw that ‘Star Trek’ movie where they went to Earth and … yawn. I think it’s more fun to go to a foreign planet — especially now. Who wants to come to Earth now? Let’s go far, far away! Fantasy is what we need!”

Weaver thought of her ”Alien” past when making ”Holes,” which opened at No. 2 this weekend and took in about $17 million. ”I’m the big mean camp director who has to yell at these cute little kids,” she said, ”and I kept thinking, ‘Wow, for the rest of their lives these kids will look back on my old movies and think, ‘She’s so nasty! Too bad those aliens didn’t get her.”’

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