Gary Susman
April 29, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”Planet of the Apes,” which cast Mark Wahlberg as the next Charlton Heston, may have fizzled, as did ”The Truth About Charlie,” which tried to make him the next Cary Grant. Still, maybe he can be the next Harrison Ford. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has signed him to star in ”The Adventures of Wyatt McHenry,” which the studio is billing as the next Indiana Jones-type franchise.

Based on a series of yet-to-be-published novels by Rick Gibb, ”Wyatt McHenry” focuses on an intrepid tour guide who also trades in rare antiquities. It’s not clear when the film would shoot; he’s next shooting the comedy ”I Love Huckabee’s” with his ”Three Kings” director David O. Russell in June, and he’s attached to star in the supernatural thriller ”The Jacket” sometime after that. (His next release is Paramount’s caper ”The Italian Job” on May 30.) Meanwhile, Paramount still expects to shoot the long awaited fourth Indiana Jones movie, starring the original Harrison Ford, next year, with an eye toward a summer 2005 release.

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