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Dalton Ross
May 01, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Another episode, another shocking ouster

Hmmm, well, this is embarrassing. You see in the new Entertainment Weekly hitting stands this week, I wrote a little piece giving odds on the favorites to win ”Survivor: The Amazon.” Jenna and Heidi? They’re toast, I wrote. Rob? No way he’ll ever get the votes, said I. Matthew? Very possible. But whom did I list as the favorite to take home the cool million bucks? You guessed it — Christy. HOW WAS I TO KNOW?!? She had Butch on her side, and one figured after being lied to about a million times that Matthew would never trust Rob again and defect. Or I least that’s what I figured. I figured wrong.

But wait, it gets worse. I also have Butch listed as the other favorite in the column to win, and now he looks like he may be toast soon as well, on the outs of the new foursome. But wait, it gets even WORSE. Who did I have listed as the favorite in my original column which I rewrote completely after last week’s episode? Yep, you guessed it again — Alex. Okay, So Dalton the Greek I am not. But this inability to accurately predict ANYTHING is what has makes this edition of ”Survivor” so supremely masterful.

Granted most of this last-minute flip-flopping has been due to Rob, who finally made one move too many with this latest turnaround. He just pissed off the few people he hadn’t pissed off yet in Butch and Christy and now stands basically no chance (once again, please don’t pay attention to my predictions) of getting enough votes to win should he make it to the final two.

In any event, this was yet another great episode punctuated by morally bankrupt ditzes yelling at other people for being morally bankrupt. Heidi and Jenna screamed at Rob for his backstabbing ways, saying they would never do such things. Cut to Heidi 10 minutes later befriending Christy and telling her ”I’ve never lied to you.” Cut to Heidi 20 minutes later writing Christy’s name down for eviction. (I also loved the part where Heidi claimed that Butch wouldn’t even be around if it weren’t for her. Huh?) Oh, and then after all that, Heidi and Jenna realigned with Rob who had previously been referred to as both a ”slimeball” and a ”snake.” Nice to see they hold so strongly to their principals.

So the People’s Choice is now a goner. Truthfully, Christy just wasn’t underhanded enough to win this game, especially playing against people as sneaky as Rob, Jenna, and Heidi. If she just hadn’t waffled on her decision earlier on, Rob wouldn’t have gotten nervous, and I still say she would be a front-runner. At least she left us with one of the best exit interviews ever, where she told us she was ”pissed” and promised revenge on her ”evil stepsisters.”

Well, Christy, I’m peeved too because now I’m going to look like an idiot with my prediction and am sure to receive a never-ending supply of mocking comments from amused coworkers. (Don’t even think about it, Ken Tucker! That goes for you too, Fretts!) So if misery loves company, Christy, you should be all over me right about now.

Who do you think is the new favorite to win?

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