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Halo 2

On Your Feet, Soldier! Grab the keys to the Warthog and get yourself one of those new submachine guns: Halo 2, the long-awaited sequel to the mother of all alien-war games, will be invading homes early next year. (Die-hard gamers who are making the pilgrimage to next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles will get a chance to see an early version in a big-screen, big-sound stadium setting.) Once again wearing the combat boots of the grizzled Master Chief (shown here wearing his upgraded body armor), players will find the battle taken to a war-ravaged Earth. There are plenty of improvements over the first game, including destructible environments (like that rock you’re cowering behind), as well as some unconventional vehicles to drive and fly. Those nasty Covenant swarms have gotten smarter too, with the ability to communicate with central command so that instead of getting slaughtered, they retreat, retrench, and return even stronger. And the Xbox Live multiplayer component will add an armada of human support to the battles, making the old split-screen LAN party setup a thing of the past. Now those are fightin’ words.