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The Return of the King

News flash to Howard Stern: There’s a new King of All Media, and it’s the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Not only did the second installment of the trilogy, The Two Towers, haul in an impressive $200 million domestically last holiday season but the companion videogame raked in an additional $175 million. With that kind of success, it’s no wonder that director Peter Jackson and Electronic Arts are planning a similar multimedia assault for the final installment, The Return of the King. Due this fall, the month before the movie’s release, the EA title will once again incorporate film footage that morphs into gameplay and showcases epic battles, such as the highly anticipated confrontation in which Frodo and Sam take on the giant spider Shelob. The game also boasts some new features as well, like a two-player mode that allows for cooperative play. There’s also a more interactive combat mode that lets you perform such maneuvers as launching catapults with a swing of your sword. And whereas The Two Towers had only three playable characters, ROTK has 10, including Gandalf and Frodo. Gollum is also in the game, but there’s no word on whether players can control him. True fans know that only the One Ring has that power.