Speed Racer: Photofest
Noah Robischon
May 02, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Speed Racer Collector's Edition

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We gave it an A

Every formative event in 18-year-old Speed Racer’s go-go life is explained in Speed Racer Collector’s Edition, the first 11 episodes of the enduring Japanimation series. What caused Pops Racer to quit his job, why his oldest son (Racer X) left home, and how Speed uses the Mach 5’s retractable wings to beat the Acrobatic car team are especially vital facts because the animation is often about as fluid as a flip book. To compensate for the technical shortcomings, creator Tatsuo Yoshida combined punctuated illustrations and ingenious visual tricks to impart a feeling of big action with only limited motion. These techniques are now trademarks of the anime form and helped this demon on wheels pave the way for all the saucer-eyed protagonists and sickly-sweet sprites ruling the airwaves today.

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