Gary Susman
May 07, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”Will & Grace”’s Eric McCormack does sex farce every week on TV; now he wants to bring it to the big screen. Variety reports that Disney has signed him to star in ”What You Wish For,” in which he will also make his screenwriting and directing debut. He describes it as a comedy about ”a normal, married Midwestern couple whose marriage is turned upside-down because of a celebrity sex fantasy.”

The idea for ”What You Wish For” (as in ”Be careful…”) came from McCormack’s wife, assistant director Janet Holden. ”The idea is, no matter how happy a person is with his partner, there’s that one hot actress or athlete you’d allow them to sleep with because you know it would never happen,” McCormack tells Variety. ”Here, it happens.”

McCormack expects to shoot the film next summer, during his hiatus from ”Will & Grace.” No word on who his and Holden’s celebrity sex fantasies are; let’s hope hers is Eric McCormack.

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