Here are Matthew's chances of winning ''Survivor'' |


Here are Matthew's chances of winning ''Survivor''

Matthew Von Ertfelda, Survivor: The Amazon

(Survivor Amazon: Robert Voets/CBS)

Here are Matthew’s chances of winning ”Survivor”

PROS He’s handsome, happy, hardworking, and lots of other great things that start with the letter ”h.” Plus, not only is he the only strong athlete left, but like Mikey the Life cereal boy, he’ll eat anything.

CONS Oh, did we mention he’s also on the verge of LOSING HIS MIND?!? He’d stand a lot better chance of winning if he didn’t freak everyone out by walking around with a machete mumbling to himself.

ODDS Don’t track us down and kill us for saying this, Matthew, but we’d like your chances more if you weren’t so blindly trusting – especially of (not-so-slim) shady Rob. 6-1