Gary Susman
May 08, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Roger Moore was apparently shaken, not stirred, by his current Broadway cameo in ”The Play What I Wrote.” The 75-year-old former James Bond franchise star, the latest in a line of celebrity ”mystery guests” who guest star as themselves in the comedy, collapsed on stage Wednesday night, and while he managed to finish the show, he was then spirited away to a Manhattan hospital, where he was listed in stable condition as of Thursday morning.

Theatergoers apparently thought Moore’s collapse was part of the farce, then learned the truth as the actors paused for a few minutes. ”He had breathing difficulties but he carried on with the show,” Moore’s spokesman told the BBC. Once revived, Moore returned to the stage, to massive applause, and finished the performance. Then, still costumed in lederhosen, he was rushed to St.Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital and treated his respiratory difficulties. ”They kept him in overnight,” the spokesman said. ”They took him in to be sure he was going to be fine.”

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