Will Hermes
May 09, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT


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We gave it a B+

The question isn’t whether there’s a more propulsive, more swinging drummer in the jam-band world than Galactic’s Stanton Moore (there’s not). The question is why, in a scene ruled by groove, most kit commanders put your ass to sleep before the first guitar solo. On this singerless side project, Moore spikes his quicksand second-line rhythms with electro-burps and the flavors of polyglot percussionist Mike Dillon, which leaves everyone else free to do just about anything. Eight-string guitar whiz Charlie Hunter pushes beyond his usual party-trick jazz-funk on the pedal-mad ”Delta Skelta” and the electro-Cuban ”Plena for My Grundle,” while horn man Skerik gets down with Bitches Brew-style distortion and double-reed squealing. It’s not the most complex soloing, but your hips won’t care. COLLECTOR’S NOTE The handsomely packaged vinyl-only EP Mysteryfunk (Fog City) is a smoky, wee-hours dub-funk head trip worth hunting for.

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