Tom Sizemore: Toby Canham/
Gary Susman
May 09, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Tom Sizemore, who starred in the canceled TV drama ”Robbery Homicide Division” this season, spent time in the custody of the real LAPD on Thursday night after he was arrested for allegedly threatening his ex-fiancée, Heidi Fleiss, Reuters reports. The former Hollywood madam is a potential witness in another pending case against Sizemore, a domestic violence charge filed last December when a woman claiming to be his fiancée said he assaulted her.

Police told Reuters that the 41-year-old actor made ”acts of intimidation of a verbal nature” against Fleiss between May 5 and May 7. A city attorney’s office spokesman told TV’s ”Celebrity Justice” that Sizemore left a message on Fleiss’ answering machine threatening to ”knock out her teeth, kill her, and harm members of her family.” Sizemore surrendered to police late Thursday in response to an arrest warrant issued that day. He was freed Friday on $100,000 bail.

Last winter, a woman named Brooke Ford accused Sizemore of punching, shoving, and threatening her in a dispute over their wedding plans. Sizemore has pleaded innocent and has denied that she is his fiancée, calling her charges a shakedown. His attorney has not commented on this week’s arrest.

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