The man who changed the way we view window-shopping now hopes to alter our vision of wild women. The famed window dresser for Barneys New York revels in gals who happen to be ”a tad Ab Fab.” From a 6’2”, former drug-using fashion designer – turned – part-time park ranger named Spider (who lives with 38 lizards) to actress and cheeseball maker Amy Sedaris, this square-pegs bonanza and how-to guide is peppered with fashion tips and French phrases, bien sur! Doonan goes a bit wacky himself, kneeling at the altar of these narcissistic women. Still, we benefit from his overzealous research: Who knew ’70s celeb reporter Rona Barrett is now hawking her own line of lavender-based beauty and food products? Bon appetit!

Originally posted May 9 2003 — 12:00 AM EDT

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