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''Idol'''s Clay is the winner -- in online sales

''Idol'''s Clay is the winner -- in online sales. Clay Aiken lost ''American Idol'' by a miniscule margin, but he's trouncing Ruben on Amazon.com

Clay Aiken, American Idol

Even though Clay Aiken lost on ”American Idol,” he’s beating Ruben Studdard on one front: the sales chart on Amazon.com. Thanks to preorders, Clay’s forthcoming single, ”This Is the Night/On the Wings of Love,” is the best-selling music item in the entire online store. Meanwhile, Ruben’s ”Flying Without Wings/Superstar” comes in at No. 7, behind such established acts as Norah Jones and Staind (see the chart). Apparently, this doesn’t mean that Clay has more voting fans than Ruben – just more fans with Internet access and credit cards. But, really, there ARE no losers here. Ruben’s CD single will hit stores June 3, while Clay’s will drop June 10.

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