Noah Robischon
May 23, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Everything is Broken

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Bob Dylan

We gave it a D

Apple’s new online music store looks like just another iTunes playlist. That is, until you open it and discover a 200,000-plus-song library at your fingertips. Buying the tracks is a cinch: Enter a credit-card number once, and it’s one-click buying from then on. The music can be copied to an iPod, and a PC version of the iTunes Music Store is due by year’s end. The real question is, What should you buy? One of the biggest draws is the exclusive material from 22 artists, including Alicia Keys, Sheryl Crow, and matchbox twenty. Here’s some of what you’ll find. — Noah Robischon

— U2 ”Stuck in a Moment…(Acoustic)” The store’s top download during its first week, this preshow warm-up has been traded in bootleg form for months. But it’s still a rarity for fans who haven’t heard the unforgettable falsetto refrain. A

— EMINEM & MARILYN MANSON ”The Way I Am” Any collaboration by these two societal menaces ought to be outrageous. Instead, it’s a bore. Manson’s drum machinery is no match for Dr. Dre’s original beats, and the gravelly guitar riff doesn’t enhance Eminem’s rhymes. D

— MISSY ELLIOTT ”Hit ‘Em Wit’ da Hee” This is the same tune featuring Lil’ Kim that subpoenaed listeners to the funk room on 1999’s Supa Dupa Fly. Even then it testified to the vocal talent of Elliott (left) and the whimsicality of producer Timbaland. A

— BOB DYLAN ”Everything Is Broken” The hazy aura conjures a late-’90s Dylan, but this alternate take was recorded a decade earlier for Oh Mercy. Unlike the original, which had ”broken springs,” these darker lyrics cut ”broken teeth on a broken door.” The thread connecting the two Dylan decades: producer Daniel Lanois. A

— DAVID GRAY ”Loverboy” Stateside fans of this English folksinger will delight in this previously unavailable meditation on mental instability, on which Gray drowns out his usual acoustics with a synth. The tune makes it clear why Radiohead toured with him in 1995. B+

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