Gary Susman
May 28, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The latest trend in gangsta rap: the hit-and-run office shooting. The latest victim: gangsta rap mogul Suge Knight, whose record label office in Los Angeles was shot up early Tuesday, MTV News reports. Around 2:30 a.m., seven bullets were fired into the front of the office of Tha Row (formerly Death Row), shattering two glass doors and five windows. No one was hurt; a security guard present said he ducked to avoid being hit and didn’t see who fired the shots.

Knight spent two months behind bars this year for violating his parole by allegedly associating with gang members. Despite pending investigations into Knight’s business ties, police told MTV News they had few leads as to who might have shot up the office. A similar incident occurred earlier this year in New York, when an unknown assailant shot up the offices of rap management firm Violator after hours.

Knight, however, has his own theory. ”We’ve got a lot of artists, like Crooked I, Eastwood and Kurupt, that are currently working on new albums,” Knight said in a statement. ”And because of the hype and media attention associated with these two projects, there have been a lot of girls flocking to them at the studio and at the clubs. The crime was probably committed by a jealous boyfriend or a jealous husband.”

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