Pharrell Williams

(Pharell Williams: Nicholas Burnham/Retna)



Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap; Lead Performer: Pharrell Williams; Guest Performer: Jay-Z; Producer (group): Star Trak, Virgin

For Frontin’, the first single off their upcoming compilation, platinum producers the Neptunes do their the-sparser-the-better, hit-or-miss melody thing over typical thumps. Singing silly lead, Pharrell does his tiresome, freaky falsetto thing for, presumably, the ladies. But then, surprisingly, guest rapper Jay-Z’s smarmy-smooth, player-for-life thing segues into some seemingly heartfelt settle-down sentiment (Holla back, Beyoncé!). Guess sometimes things DO change.

Originally posted May 30 2003 — 12:00 AM EDT

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