Amy Feitelberg
June 06, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The author, a Jackie-Collins-come-lately married to A Beautiful Mind producer Brian Grazer, loves parenthetical phrases (there are 66 in the first chapter). And what she lacks in writing style she makes up for with loathsome, narcissistic characters who appeal to rubberneckers. Clarissa, 31 (despite her claim to be 28), has slept with nearly every man in L.A. (well almost, ”zip codes matter”). Deciding to settle down, Clarissa hooks a wealthy scion before he even knows who she is — ”planning a wedding is difficult; planning a wedding without the groom’s knowledge is near impossible.” Maneater is like eavesdropping at a D-list Hollywood party; you can’t believe someone is saying these things out loud, or how excited you are to overhear them.

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