For Love or Money: Dave Bjerke
Gary Susman
June 09, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

No reality TV show is complete without the revelation of some skeleton not uncloseted in the network’s extensive background check. So it is with NBC’s ”For Love or Money,” whose second episode airs Monday night. Of the initial 15 bachelorettes, the one who advances all the way to the finale must choose between 33-year-old Dallas attorney Rob Campos and a million-dollar prize. That choice might be easier if the bachelorettes — and the network — had known that Campos was discharged from the Marine Corps for a drunken incident in which he reportedly sexually harassed a Naval officer and groped her breasts.

According to The Smoking Gun, Campos had completed officer training school and was rising through the Judge Advocate General (JAG) program when the incident occurred in June 1999 at the JAG school dormitory in Newport, R.I. The woman, then a 27-year-old Naval officer, told The Smoking Gun that Campos came to her room when she was asleep and knocked on her door. When she let him in, she says, he pawed her, and she kneed him in the groin. She fled, while he went to her bathroom and threw up. (Campos told the website that she had made advances toward him and given him directions to her room, but that he can’t remember anything that happened after he knocked on her door.) After she was interviewed by Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents, Campos was formally disciplined, ordered to undergo substance-abuse counseling, and transferred to a base in Albany, Ga., where his job was to help enlisted persons and retired servicemen do their taxes. Effectively removed from the career track and the possibility of future promotions, he was allowed to leave the Corps 20 months before his scheduled end of service.

An NBC spokesperson, ”For Love or Money” executive producer Bruce Nash, and Mike Miller (the private investigator who vetted Campos for NBC) all told The Smoking Gun that Campos did not reveal this incident during his background check. Asked why, Campos told the website, ”I thought it was a private matter. I thought it was over.”

According to a promo at the end of last week’s episode, Monday’s show includes a segment in which Campos, drink in hand, cavorts with some of the bachelorettes in a pool, followed by the contestants complaining about his behavior, and Campos apologizing for his conduct. Nash told The Smoking Gun that an inebriated Campos had put his boot on one contestant’s rear and then given her a push. Let’s see if that incident makes it into the broadcast version of the episode.

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