Gary Susman
June 09, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

They’re back, and they’re still hungry. They’re the aliens known as the Visitors, the voracious villains from ”V,” the cult-fave 1983 NBC miniseries. According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC has plans to bring them back for a three-hour movie, ”V: The Second Generation. Kenneth Johnson, who created the original ”V,” will write and direct the follow-up, and he hopes to reunite the original cast, including Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Jane Badler, and Robert Englund.

Of the original cast, Englund has had the most post-”V” success; he plays Freddy Krueger for the eighth time in August’s long-awaited ”Freddy vs. Jason.” But ”V” has enjoyed a long afterlife on video; the recent DVD release sold 250,000 copies.

”V” was an allegory about fascism, in which a seemingly benevolent race of humanoids comes to Earth and wins over the populace using Nazi-like techniques of propaganda and scapegoating. A small band of human rebels learns that the Visitors are actually a lizard-like species that aims to enslave humans and use them for food. The initial miniseries spawned a 1984 sequel, ”V: The Final Battle,” followed by a weekly series that lasted one season. (How can they keep coming back after a final battle? We don’t know, but then we didn’t know how Jason could keep coming back after ”The Final Friday.”) In ”Second Generation,” set 20 years later, the Visitors are in near full control of Earth, when a mysterious ally comes to the aid of the resistance. ”For years I’ve had a passion to dig even deeper into the characters and circumstances,” Johnson told the Reporter, saying that he and the network plan ”to make this new ‘V’ into the same kind of major international TV event that my original miniseries was.”

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