Survivor Amazon: Robert Voets/CBS
Gary Susman
June 10, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

This time, they’re not getting paid in peanut butter. ”Survivor: The Amazon” winner Jenna Morasca and her tribemate Heidi Strobel, who famously took it all off for peanut butter and chocolate during the competition, are doing it for money in Playboy magazine. In fact, professional swimsuit model Morasca could hardly wait to pose for Playboy; she shot her pictorial in New York the morning after picking up the million-dollar jackpot in May, E! Online reports. Playboy, in turn, executed the fastest turnaround in its history to get the spreads into the August issue.

Morasca is the first ”Survivor” winner to strip for the magazine, which may have paid her as much as a second million to pose (Playboy did not disclose its fee). ”Survivor: The Outback”’s Jerri Manthey got there first. Like Manthey, Morasca and gym teacher Strobel had to get the approval of CBS and ”Survivor” producer Mark Burnett for their Playboy appearances, since they retain the rights to vet all ”Survivor” contestants’ media appearances for a year after they compete on the show. Recently, CBS turned down a request by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to feature Morasca in a fake fur bikini as part of PETA’s anti-fur campaign. However, E! Online reports, CBS finally gave the OK for the ad once PETA purged all references to ”Survivor” from the text.

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