Charlie's Angels bare all about ''Full Throttle'' |


Charlie's Angels bare all about ''Full Throttle''

Charlie's Angels bare all about ''Full Throttle'' -- Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu chat about their touchy-feely friendship, their vision for the franchise, and the power of running in stilettos

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(Charlie's Angels Photograph by James White)

When ”Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” opens June 27, we’ll be watching Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu motocross, ride waves, fistfight, shake their groove thangs, and jump out of a bas-relief naked – all while maintaining their distinct ”I’m okay, you’re okay” vibe. Here, Poo, Poo, and Pussy (as Diaz, Barrymore, and Liu, respectively, dub one another) discuss the fashioning of a franchise, their fab friendship, and Diaz’s freaky feet.

EW How did you find the tone for ”Angels,” which isn’t exactly a satire or a remake or…
BARRYMORE When we were writing the first script, we were [asking]: How do you make a movie out of a TV show that existed in the ’70s? At one point, they were testing a very futuristic, cold, dark take – very female-”Matrix.” Yet that doesn’t match the warm, fuzzy California aspect of the show. We kept saying: What’s the tone? Is it ”The Brady Bunch”? Is it ”Austin Powers”? Is it ”Matrix”? Is it ”Lethal Weapon”?
DIAZ When I first talked to Drew about it, she said: ”We have a script, but I’m not going to let you read it – it’s [about] supermodels that are trying to stop the cloning of supermodels. But that’s not what we’re making.”
BARRYMORE We kept the opening, which was the airplane sequence…. We [eventually] found a base to go from: It’s present time and Charlie is Charlie, and when the show went off the air there were still Angels working. We made up all these women who were recruits in those years – from Jodie Foster to Jackie Joyner-Kersee….
DIAZ Brooke Shields…Sandra Bullock was in there…. But it wasn’t till McG came on – and you just went, ”This is the guy, he’s got it.”

EW What’s McG like?
DIAZ One of the amazing things about McG is all his references to pop culture – a rainbow. Everything from heavy metal to hip-hop…. He gives you hysterical direction.
BARRYMORE I was on the hood of a car at a car wash [in ”Full Throttle”]. He was like: ”It’s pure Whitesnake video! Tawny Kitaen!”…or ”It’s total Animal Planet: You’re the gazelle being chased!” I’m like: I love you.