Bob Guiney Photograph by Erin Patrice O'Brien
EW Staff
June 19, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Bob Guiney made EW’s It List

Age 32

Why Him? Firedude Ryan may have won the heart of the Bachelorette, but he’s got nothing on this formerly pudgy, musical, self-deprecating, funny, intelligent heartthrob for smart women. (ABC apparently agrees: It tapped Guiney as the next Bachelor.)

What’s Up With Those Ripped Abs? ”I shed 40 pounds from the time I was on [‘The Bachelorette’]. I look in the mirror and say, ‘Thank God I can fit into all my clothes again.’ Hopefully some women will find me sexy.”

Best Revenge ”Out of college my band got signed, but a few years ago we were dropped by our label. Now all these people I couldn’t get to call me back, I’m pretty much on their speed dial.”

Favorite Reality TV Personality ”Darva Conger, of course. Just kidding. I really liked Teck from ‘The Real World.’ I thought he was hilarious.”

Next Searching for his soul mate on national television.

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