Kate Bosworth Photograph by James White
EW Staff
June 19, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Kate Bosworth made EW’s It List

Age 20

Why Her? She may look like Malibu Barbie (which served her well when she starred in last summer’s ”Blue Crush”), but don’t be fooled by the surfer-girl facade. This chick has the range to pull off playing a porn star’s teenage girlfriend (opposite Val Kilmer in this summer’s ”Wonderland”), a horny coed in last fall’s ”The Rules of Attraction”…and will likely play squeaky-clean Sandra Dee to Kevin Spacey’s Bobby Darin in ”Beyond the Sea.”

If She Weren’t Acting, She’d Be… A teacher. ”Making an impact on someone’s life so young is so important,” she says. Just don’t ask her for help with algebra. ”I was really horrible at math.”

Best Party Trick ”I have this habit of rubbing my ears when I’m really tired or I’m thinking,” she explains. ”So all the cartilage is sort of broken up in the top of my ear. It’s really soft, so I can put my entire ear inside of my ear and it’ll stay there for a minute and I can flick it out with my head.” We’re sure elfin beau Orlando Bloom appreciates that.

Next Shooting the romantic comedy ”Win a Date With Tad Hamilton.”

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