Travis Fimmel: David Tsay/Corbis Outline
EW Staff
June 19, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Travis Fimmel made EW’s It List

Age 23

Why Him? It wasn’t enough that the Calvin Klein model’s print ads — that hair! those abs! — landed him a permanent spot on cubicle walls nationwide. Now the Australian-born Fimmel has snagged the dialogue-light lead role in The WB’s fall drama ”Tarzan and Jane” with nary an acting gig under his elastic waistband.

Creative Crutch ”I need to have a few drinks. The photo shoots are wack, man!”

And the Libation of Choice Would Be… ”I’m not picky.”

On the Dating Life of a Pinup ”Ah, f—, man, I hate these questions. It can go both ways. It’s harder. At the same time, I get laid more.”

Something We’d Be Surprised to Hear About Him ”Nothing, really.”

Number of Times He Hits the Gym a Week ”I don’t go to the gym.”

He’s Lying, Right? ”No! I haven’t gone since I was about 17.”

So, What’s the Secret? ”That’s a good question, man.”

Boxers or Briefs? ”Let’s go back to ‘Tarzan,’ man.”

Next ”Tarzan”’s first season.

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