EW Staff
June 27, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

CHRIS ROCK (Class of ’97) Back then, the comedian told us, ”I choose topics that aren’t really funny — like abortion and taxes.” Clearly, audiences have disagreed. His stand-up is still bitingly funny. (We won’t mention his movies.)

MIKE DARNELL (Class of ’97) We heaped praise on the Fox exec for shilling the likes of World’s Deadliest Swarms. Which pretty much means he deserves a Nobel Prize for Joe Millionaire.

ROBERTO BENIGNI (Class of ’98) ”Think Charlie Chaplin — only Italian and on speed,” we said then. Rereading that sentence, we realize what happened next should have been obvious.

THE TACO BELL CHIHUAHUA (Class of ’98) Hey, you liked him too. So shut up.

HOPE DAVIS (Class of ’98) Five years ago, we called the woman who would go on to steal scenes from Jack Nicholson in About Schmidt ”the indie answer to Ally McBeal.” (At the time, that was praise — we swear.) Look who’s had the longer shelf life.

REESE WITHERSPOON (Class of ’98) We’ll gladly take credit for the Pleasantville star’s meteoric rise in crowd-pleasers like Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama. Reese, please make checks payable to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.

LO FIDELITY ALLSTARS (Class of ’99) The one-hit Brits who gave us ”Battle Flag” said they dreamed of hosting ”a big party on a big cloud” with Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and Bootsy Collins. We hope that’s working out for them.

CHRIS AND PAUL WEITZ (Class of ’99) Who’d have thought the guys behind American Pie would, four years later, score an Oscar nomination (for their adaptation of About a Boy)?

VITAMIN C (Class of ’00) In pop culture, as in biology, excess doses of Vitamin C tend to be excreted.

EVAN DANDO (Class of ’01) After seven years of anticipation, the ex-Lemonhead finally delivers his solo debut album, Baby I’m Bored. Sorry, we’re too apathetic to bother riffing on the title…

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