Brian Hiatt
June 30, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Just when celebrities thought it was safe to venture out in public again, Ashton Kutcher’s prank show ”Punk’d” is on its way back. MTV will air two more seasons of the show, whose stars also include the chameleonic Dax Shepard and foul-mouthed kid Ryan Pinkston, according to Variety. The next season will begin airing in late fall, the trade paper reported. Since show regulars Pinkston and Shepard have become recognizable, it’s not clear how they can return — but an MTV exec told Variety she hopes they find a way.

On ”Punk’d,” which debuted in March, Kutcher and his cohorts have convinced Justin Timberlake that the IRS was seizing everything he owned, made Eliza Dukshu believe she was a shoplifting suspect, and forced both Jack Osbourne and Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson to drop their pants before going through a metal detector. Then, they punk’d Bruce Willis, convincing him that Kutcher was dating Demi Moore. Or at least that’s our theory.

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