Gary Susman
June 30, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

There were a number of surprises at Tuesday’s third annual BET Awards in Hollywood — Michael Jackson dancing with James Brown, Beyonce Knowles reuniting (on stage, at least) with Jay-Z — but the most surprised attendee may have been Snoop Dogg. When the rapper and his entourage pulled up to the Kodak Theatre in a gray armored van, federal agents nabbed all nine of his bodyguards and arrested three of them, according to the Associated Press. They also talked to Snoop’s lawyer and said that, as a convicted felon, the rapper could face charges for hiring armed bodyguards.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives assistant special agent in charge Joe Gordon told AP that, of the three men who were arrested, none was armed, but two faced outstanding misdemeanor warrants and the third was wanted for parole violations. The other six guards, who were detained, were armed, and Gordon said charges would be presented to federal prosecutors that would target the six men and possibly Snoop as well. Gordon said that Snoop, who was convicted of possession of cocaine for sale in 1990, may have violated a federal law that prohibits a felon from possessing weapons or hiring armed security guards. The guards may have violated a related law that makes it illegal to ”carry or use firearms in connection with the protection of a prohibited person,” Gordon said.

At least the night wasn’t a total disaster for Snoop. He and Pharrell performed and picked up an award for Best Collaboration for the song ”Beautiful.” The awards ceremony, hosted by Mo’Nique, aired live on BET.

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