See Jennifer Garner on her summer vacation

See Jennifer Garner on her summer vacation. The sexy ''Alias'' star is softening her image in a new time-warp comedy filming in Manhattan

Jennifer Garner

(Jennifer Garner: John Barrett/Globe Photos)

Other people go to the beach. But when you’re as used to kicking bad-guy butt as ”Alias”’s Jennifer Garner, summer is no time to rest. That’s why the newly-separated star is in New York City filming “13 Going On 30,” a comedy in which she plays a geeky 13-year-old who gets locked in a closet by mean-spirited playmates, only to emerge from her entrapment suddenly all grown up – and beautiful. (Think: a female version of Tom Hanks’ ”Big.”)

Originally posted July 2 2003 — 12:00 AM EDT

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