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July 03, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

EW.com readers miss Kim, and pick a winner

Too bad ”American Idol”’s final showdown can’t feature THREE singers. Most readers who posted to our message board wish the 25-year-old Nashville native Kimberley Locke, who was booted in a close vote Wednesday night, could stand beside Ruben and Clay during next week’s finale. A few were so upset by Kimberley’s dismissal that they’ve lost interest in the ”Idol” outcome:

The competition is over as far as I’m concerned. With Kimberley gone it truly doesn’t matter if Clay or Rueben wins. If Kimberley had stayed at lease there would be some spark left to the show. Kimberley had grown with each show, more polished, more contact with the audience. Neither Clay nor Rueben will grow beyond what you see on the show, they are locked in to the same old style, no expansion! What’s left on the show is a simple popularity contest of who will get more votes…nothing more.

So Kimberley is gone, despite Ruben’s choke last nite and Clay completely forgetting words?!? What do you expect from a show which has pretty much been coaxing us to a final between Clay and Ruben all along?… Like last year, I feel as though the best two aren’t in the finals! Should have been Kelly and Tamyra…and this round should have been Ruben and Kimberley.

But now that the mourning is over, let’s look to the future — will it be Ruben or Clay? The heated discussion continues, with Clay’s fans edging out Ruben’s:

Lanny Quidley
As a retired concert pianist (who grew up on the Baldwin Artist List with such greats as Billy Joel, so I do know pop) I think Clay is the only choice… True vocal quality…and if the guy wants to wink…let ‘im!

Listen to Kelly Clarkson’s new single — ”Miss Independent.” I’m the first to say that Clay has an amazing voice but clearly not for the popular urban pop genre that ”AI” is all about. And you, Clay fans, have to admit in all honesty, that he won’t be able to pull it off.

As for Clay not deserving to win because he forgot a few words: Did you know that Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand were so afraid of forgetting a lyric, they used TelePrompters in concert? Didn’t keep them from being stars, did it?

Clay is waay too reserved. He reminds me of a singer in his forties rather than the young man that he is.

For the sake of all fat people…I hope Ruben wins.

For the sake of all nerds…I hope Clay wins.

Well, at least one reader is just thrilled that both finalists are up for the ”Idol” title:

Mrs. Smith
As a teacher, it is great to see a person that some of you refer to as a ”geek”, and a person some of you refer to as ”morbidly obese”, surely outsiders who may have been teased, rise to such heights and give hope and joy to adolescents struggling with the same problems. WHAT A GREAT COUNTRY!!

What do you think? Who do you want to win?

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