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July 03, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

EW.com readers rate the semifinals: boring!

Forget whether or not you think Simon is a boor. After the ”American Idol” third-round semifinal — from which magenta-haired Vanessa Olivares and ”Hercules!”-spouting Rickey Wright emerged the victors — EW.com readers who posted on our message board have been wondering whether Mr. Cowell and his show are, well, a bore.

Most of you are far from excited about this week’s performances, and blame both the judges and the contestants for what’s lacking:

Simon and Randy are right. It’s like going to the buffet line expecting something really cool and all you can get is celery sticks. They’re good, but kinda bland.

”American Idol” may be a ”one hit wonder.” So far, there has been no one to match the first season of singers in the way of charisma and talent… I don’t believe Frenchie would have saved the show for long. Big and loud gets old. Like Simon says, they’re all ”so what?”

Bored with AI:
Utterly, deathly and abhorrently boring… Seems all the talented Americans stayed away from auditions this year. (Would YOU wait 5 days on the sidewalk for this??)

Last year my VCR broke 20 minutes before the show started. I was so into it that I went out and bought a new VCR so that I wouldn’t miss taping it. Last night my tape stopped in the middle of the show. I didn’t even get out of bed to change the tape, that’s how boring it was. What happened?

Meanwhile, other viewers are considering a weightier issue — and it’s not the possible war in Iraq. Fans of Vanessa, who seems a little-bit-Cyndi Lauper, a little-bit-Bette Midler, are furious that Simon mostly ignored her winning performance and instead advised her to drop a few pounds.

I’m tired of Simon telling people to lose weight. What? Is singing only for skinny people?

All I have to say is why didn’t Simon tell Ruben last week that he was too big and needs to lose a few pounds. Was it a male, female thing? I guess if you are a woman [he] can call you fat.

Others, though, are tired of the competitors like Vanessa, who (in response to Simon’s criticism) compared her rump to J. Lo’s. By sassing back at the judges, performers can seem oblivious to the way the pop music industry works — which doesn’t always win over the voters at home:

I am very disappointed with the way contestants are talking to the judges. I know Simon could be rude and Paula too sugary, but come on if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.

Why are these ”kids” allowed to disrespect a man that might potentially be their boss?? The producers need to reassert themselves here and remind them that showing attitude is a huge turnoff.

As for the rest of you, well, most people seem to be looking forward to the wild-card show, when the judges pick a few contestants who were passed over by the voters at home. That could bring the return of some booted favorites like Clay Aiken. And it could only liven up the show, as a few die-hard fans predict:

Erica: ?the fun will really begin when the top 10 begin competing. That’s when we’ll get to know the singers and find people to root for. I don’t remember last season being very interesting until that point.

Do you agree? What do you think of ”American Idol”’s second season?

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