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July 03, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

EW.com readers rate Vanessa’s swan song

Maybe Vanessa Olivarez’s song choice in the Motown-themed ”American Idol” finals round — ”You Keep Me Hanging On” — was a bit too optimistic.

After failing to garner enough call-in votes against fellow beautician and bottom-rung contestant Julia DeMato, Vanessa became the first ”Idol 2” finalist to get the boot. Though none of EW.com’s readers fawned over Tuesday’s performance by Atlanta’s magenta-topped Bette Midler wannabe, some thought other contestants (cough cough, Corey) should have been sent home instead:

J. McCrae
So what if Vanessa’s hair was red or ‘vibrant. The point is that she had chops to go with her image. I dont know what Corey is still doing there, or Julia with her terrible attitude. Give me nice ol’ Vanessa anytime and keep the attitude at the door, Julia.

And speaking of Julia… Many of you threw virtual tomatoes at Ms. DeMato for her sassy ‘tude toward Simon after she misinterpreted his barb that she shouldn’t take a bow (Pssst, Julia: He was talking about your low-cut top, not your performance):

Former Julia Fan
Julia misunderstanding and getting defensive over a pretty funny and kinda flattering comment by Simon will cost her dearly. I was rooting for her up until that point. Now off with her insecure and defensive head.

i think that Julie doesn’t have a bad voice, but her attitude stinks. And that won’t get her too far in this competition. Did you see her face when it was down to her and Vanessa and they chose her to stay? What a phony.

Also in the crossfire is Paula Abdul, whose credentials seem questionable to some of you:

Paula is Pitchy
I think it is ironic that Paula called Vanessa “pitchy” — if any of you are old enough to remember Paula…she was PITCHY!!!

Randy Randy Randy
I don’t know what Paula smokes before she gives her critiques of [Corey] because he belongs on the “Best of the Worst” special, not the final 12.

I remember Paula’s singing. It should give J-lo hope that when the public finally figures out she can’t sing any better than Paula, Jenny from the block can host American Idol 10. (Actually, I hope America figures it out a lot sooner than that).

Of course, you still adore Clay and Ruben (though you wish the Birmingham big fella would find an outfit that isn’t emblazoned with the number “205,” his hometown area code):

I know Ruben is just proud of where he’s from but I am really sick of seeing him wearing the same shirt in different colors every single week. If a female contestant did that Simon would be all over her for a lack of style. We all know where you’re from Ruben; now go buy a new shirt!

Other than that, most fans seem to agree about one thing: ”American Idol”’s second season has hit its stride:

After last night’s show, my faith is restored. Some of the finalists showed polished talent instead of the ”diamond in the rough” garbage we’ve been subjected to so far this season. And Carmen? A hearty ”Good for you!” for getting your polish on.

Now before we get TOO excited about next week’s finals round (featuring a performance by o.g. ”Idol” Kelly Clarkson), one of our, ahem, ”celebrity” ‘posters has some advice for dearly departed Vanessa:

Bette Midler
It’s okay, Vanessa, honey, being me ain’t bad. First you play me in a biopic of when I was filming ”The Rose.”’ In about five years, remake ”Ruthless People” with Seth Green as your husband and Ethan Embry and Brittany Murphy as the two kidnappers. When you’re around 45, do a short-lived CBS sitcom called ”Vanessa.” Retire a millionaire.

What do you think of ”American Idol”?

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